Your reputation score is calculated by FirstQuadrant based on what percent of your emails are delivered to the inbox. The higher the percentage of emails delivered to the inbox, the higher your reputation score will be, as opposed to landing in “Spam”. For this, FirstQuadrant automatically sends emails to several email addresses and monitors the delivery of these emails to the inbox. The reputation score is updated every 24 hours.

The score places greater emphasis on the most recent days, as reputation can fluctuate significantly over time, in order to achieve optimal accuracy and currency. Warming emails sent to Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes carry more weight in your reputation score compared to landing in an IONOS mailbox because Gmail and Microsoft are more widely used than smaller inbox providers by other businesses.


This score is currently not available in the FirstQuadrant dashboard. However, you can request your reputation score by contacting FirstQuadrant support.